The Premise…

‘Fairy Tales These Days’ needs to make its first step,…I mean pending first step! It was so hesitant to make its earthen debut for so many unnecessary concerns. It might be famous procrastination of writers or typical creatures! Whatever, at last it is ready to plunge into the open ocean of uncertainty, to land among the mortals. See, this is the problem of our real world where uncertainty is a great relief (or even the magic charm!) but often unrecognized and criticized to hell. We wish for a fairy tale aroma in our own existence, kind of forever type security excluding the uncertainty part. Something immortal and forever thing is our goal (for god knows why, after all we know we are mortal at the end of the day! or that may be the reason behind; psychologists can better explain.). Fortunately however, we have enough options for that though indirectly. Starting from a pure biological legacy, to something very intangible but carrying inevitable individual signature having everlasting promise of durability. Life is not limited in a lifetime as evident everywhere here. However, the journey is uncertain and always under construction. Of course that is not a great news for the protagonist! But, believe it or not, fairy tales continue and are for ever and that is why life is unofficially beautiful in spite of all of those official failures, losses and limitations.

The weblog wants to explore some of those tales winding up and down the path of uncertainty! Welcome everybody! including humans, fairies, gnomes and goblins; don’t be shy, read and interact; together we make fairy tales dear, clear and forever!…

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