Another green solution for the blue planetarians

Hello my dear fellows on this blue planet! I hope you are well hydrated! and I hope you are having clean water! Yes, I am scared about those not so probiotic rather harmful microbes in our environment. Everyday we need to purify water to get rid of contaminants and this is not a mundane job if you consider the range of water contaminants including microbes recorded so far. While look at our green neighbours, always lucky blessed with everything from top to bottom. They not only collect their water with their roots, purify it on the way as well. They use sophisticated filters in their xylems (wood tissue) to make some clean water for their own cells. So if you get a microscope of high magnifying power and check their filter membranes, you will see something like as below,

By the way, I am going to inform you about a recent paper in PLOS ONE journal. The paper if you attempt to read (you might also check the video) is quite simple and interesting. They suggest using plant’s natural water transport system (porous xylem tissue/young sapwood of coniferous trees like pine) as point-of use-device in our water purification.  They have proved its purification capacity (99.9%) as well. So now you just need the items below to make some clean drinking water yourself. Isn’t that great news?


Yes it is not an out of the blue innovation. As I was surfing the net, I noted that there are sporadic mentions about the use of this capacity of plants like pine and birch specially as a survival strategy in wilderness. But the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) researchers’ team has directly addressed it supported by scientific proofs and as a means of water filtration even at home. So after food, fuel and fiber we are returning again to our amazing green neighbours for purifying fluids. Research in the field of water purification has a long history and this green solution is an interesting addition still waiting for further improvements and customization for the blue planetarians.

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