What you eat…

Recently I am becoming more interested to know about facts related to food and well-being. Well actually we are all really interested about that but place it last in the priority list instead of among the topmost ones where it should be. We are from different walks and seasons of life busy with our daily drama to reach our goals or not knowing what else to do. God bless us! If I check my post records, so far I have written about cognition level of crows, plant tissue as water filter, telomeres, pea aphid, evolutionary origin of mustard and about socializing & marketing. Excluding the post about telomeres there is little focus on eating well and living well. And this can’t go long. There is a saying in my mother tongue (Bengali),

“ja debe ange, tai jabe sange”.

This means “eat well my dear, what you invest in yourself (body), that will remain with you (until heaven)”.

So be ready for some upcoming healthy blogging! I feel I am approaching my Goldilocks zone. We will see.

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