Food and Footprints

Learning about food is itself a delightful feast. It is not only about gastronomical fulfillment. Food touches several aspects of our existence, justifying and enriching our long spun story on the planet earth. In fact, food has defined our culture and civilization. We are evolving over 4 million years along with our food preferences. The evolution of human diet is a dynamic ongoing process. Initially, we had little control, we were hunting and gathering whatever was on offer obviously fruits and meats. We didn’t know about dairy. Cereals and beans were yet to be made edible by neolithic farmers. For the last more or less 10,000 years only we are farming, trying to tame nature in our favor. In the meantime however, we are becoming a perpetual consumer society with and without our permission.

The process of domesticating wild food resource to make them cultivable, edible and profitable has always been experimental but goal oriented in nature. This leads to kind of shortsightedness and lack of common sense. As a result we often see such repeated mistakes in agricultural history that has posed suicidal for human race. All these problems when occurs seem local or isolated or of singular annoyance (not hurting us anyway!). We bypass the responsibility in the hustle bustle of daily grind knowingly and unknowingly. Ironically, however, admit or not, we are all connected in the grand scheme of things directly and indirectly. We are not sure at all, how long we will be allowed to run our experiments and adventures with this indifferent or unaccountable business only attitude! But I hope as I am wondering many others around the globe are also thinking alike. We can actually take charge in defining our society in this crossroad just by carefully studying our footprints after food.






2 thoughts on “Food and Footprints

    • Hi!, yes, I agree and appreciate, otherwise we haven’t come so far. They are really smart ones. But, I fear, there are some social and political factors which are controlling them just like you and me. Business is welcome but that should be scientific, not biased by silly reasons. We, the consumers could help ourselves through awareness and involvement, avoiding sleepwalking and indulgence only. We can take part in this process, to appreciate agricultural innovations truly. Otherwise, our short term nonsense practice will complicate our future for nothing.

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