My post published outside wordpress

Wish you all a happy new year just as you wish!

Don’t be afraid about the not so happy picture below! Everything is fine, just check the clock (which one!) if it is really on time to avoid nightmares. My first post on picturesque Nautilus, the different kind of science magazine, as well as my first jargon free science writing endeavor (outside wordpress) is trying to say something about that. In the process, I learned a lot, both about the topic I wrote about and science writing in real life. I have embedded the tweet from Nautilus for archival reason. Hope you find the story there newsful! Cheers!

4 thoughts on “My post published outside wordpress

  1. I just read your article “Why you should fix your Inconsistent Sleep schedule” today (3/15/2017). This is really on point for me. Please keep writing these kinds of articles! You really explained the consequences and possible health problems that may ensue in clear, concise, language. I look forward to reading more health related articles. Thanks!

    • Thank you that you liked and found it useful! I loved writing this and hope to write on similar topics again. Thanks! Take care.

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