Now what the hell is that?? Imagine something close to chocolate, but made from jackfruit seeds instead of cacao seeds. I thought that, it should be better addressed as ‘Jacklate’! And I am not daydreaming. Recently a team of researchers from Brazil has discovered that, flours made from fermented seeds of local jackfruits can yield flavors resembling caramel, hazelnut or fruity aromas. Not only that, they also have identified specific chemicals associated with chocolaty aroma from the flour. It seems in this world nothing is indispensable. That’s a great relief. Especially when chocolate industry is experiencing growing demand for cacao seeds which can’t bear the load alone. In many parts of the world, jackfruit grows abundantly and even wasted because of that. Along with the large fruit unripe or ripe, the seeds are also eaten roasted following boiling. Have you eaten that? They are tasty like nuts and go well with curries and rice. I like the jackfruit seeds but don’t eat the ripe jackfruit itself, because of its strong sweet smell which is distracting for many like me. Who guessed that the subtle sweet flavor of the seeds could be metamorphosed into such a delicacy. The discovery is awesome. I found this news really shareable.

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