Hi there! I am Lekha. My job so far has been research, experimentation, analysis and communication or making the research findings accessible to the scientific community or whoever interested. 

I find the way of tales not only creative, but inspiring and multifaceted. Tales are just like music, it breaks every barrier and serves as an efficient courier for however complex a message might seem. Hence I loved the title “Fairy Tales These Days” for my blog. The aim of the weblog is to share the joy of learning about scientific discoveries these days when facts are as fantastic as fiction and test my prowess in storytelling. The blog, as obvious at this point, is going through noteworthy evolution just like the writer; with intermittent unavoidable ice ages and sporadic posts. But I am here on my way to find the Goldilocks zone not far away. Welcome everybody! humans, fairies, gnomes and goblins!

Contact: dgraphiti@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you Sreejith for your response and following me!
      I loved your photographs from India! Will be eager to follow your lenses or Santiago the Shepherd,

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